Insurance 3.0

21st September 2018

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Our Mission


Insurance 2.0 accelerated partnerships between InsurTech startups and insurance incumbents.

One year on, it is now time for Insurance 3.0.

Insurance 3.0 intends to change the conversation, showcasing real examples of true innovation and helping to forge dynamic collaborations between InsurTech startups, insurance incumbents and the clients they serve.

This conference brings together the most innovative minds and businesses from across the world who want to pioneer a bold new future for the industry.


Collaborate with us. Join the 3.0 movement.

70+ Speakers
50+ Pitches
100+ Innovation Leaders
200+ C-suites
300+ Companies
700+ Attendees

"As a startup founder, I go to many different events around the world, but this one was markedly different. Both the physical space and the scheduled agenda lent itself particularly well to spontaneous meetings and chance encounters, which added a human element and surprise to the conference. The speakers were amazing and logistics impeccable, so I will definitely come back next year!"

Erik Abrahamsson, CEO and Founder of Digital Fineprint

Our Speakers